Friday, May 18, 2007

Peace Cup Coming Up

River Plate will play the Peace Cup in South Korea this summer (July 2007). The tournament will consist of eight teams: 4 Europeans, 1 South American (River), 1 North American, 1 African, and 1 Asian side. Reading FC of England and Seongnam Ilhwa of South Korea are the only other known participants for now. It should be an interesting tournament, not only because of the diverse teams, but also financially: $400,000 dollars will be given to each participant, while the runner-up would keep $500,000 dollars and the winner $2,000,000. The tournament takes place every two years, and will be the first time River will participate in it. In the last edition (2005), Boca Juniors were the South American representatives.

The eight participants are divided into two groups of four teams. In the first round, each team faces each other once (3 games per club), while the club who accumulates the most points advances to the final, which is played between the winners of each group.

In other news, the Pablo Aimar rumours are still alive, while another idol has been rumoured to return: Juan Pablo Sorin. It should be interesting to see how this works out, if it is that they return. Remember, Gallardo, Salas, and Ortega all returned, but none were able to fill up to their expectations.

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