Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gimnasia (LP) - River: The Preview

River Plate will face Gimnasia (LP) tomorrow. A win will help us, not because it will get us closer to the top, but because it will give us more possibilities of entering the Copa Libertadores 2008. At the moment, "los millonarios" would be able to make it into the most prestigious South American tournament, but nothing is assured. Therefore, the three points tomorrow will be essential.
Daniel Passarella will field the following squad:
Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari-Danilo Gerlo-Eduardo Tuzzio-Victor Zapata;
A. Fernandez-Rene Lima-Leonardo Ponzio-Fernando Belluschi;
Ariel Ortega-Ernesto Farias;

Many players -such as Mauro Rosales, Cristian Nasuti, and Oscar Ahumada- will be out due to injuries. Fortunately for us, Ortega, who had been expelled vs. Estudiantes last Sunday, will be able to play due to the Article 225, which states that a club may use a suspended player if another player from the same team is on international duties. In this case, Radamel Falcao Garcia is with the Colombian National Team participating in an Asian tournament.

Gimnasia are currently second to last and only have 3 wins in 15 matches. Of these three wins, 2 have been at home, a stadium in which they've lost 4 times in this tournament and in which they will be facing River tomorrow. Two of their most dangerous players are Luciano Leguizamon and Santiago Silva. Leguizamon is Gimnasia's current top goalscorer with 5 goals, while Silva has scored 4 times. Fortunately for us, neither of the two will be able to play: Gimnasia doesn't want to pay the $100,000 clause for Leguizamon (he's on loan from River), and the Uruguayan Silva is still injured.

Tomorrow's match will be shown live on TyC Sports USA at 2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

In other news, River's reserves faced German side Wolfsburg in the Monumental for a friendly match. The team from the Bundesliga were able to win 2-1, with Andres Rios scoring River's only goal. Also, Steaua Bucarest are planning on offering $16,000,000 dollars for Fernando Belluschi. They will meet with River's directives tomorrow, and if they make the expected offer, you can expect Fernando to migrate to Romania.

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