Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gimnasia (LP): 0 - River Plate: 3 - Torneo Clausura 2007

Upon seeing the score, one may instantly think "Thank god! The old River is back!". Before you get excited, let's just say that the score lies a bit. In fact, in last week's 1-0 loss vs. Estudiantes, we played much better and dominated most of the match. I wouldn't say Gimnasia (LP) played better than us today, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we did good ourselves. Most of the players played poorly, and the score was over-inflated partly due to Kletnicki's (Gimnasia's goalkeeper) mistakes. In the first goal, he surprisingly jumped out too far in a center and crashed with his teammates. This left the goal open for Ernesto Farias to score. The second goal was by Leonardo Ponzio, after a far range shot that bounced off the goalkeeper and went it. The third goal, on the other hand, was not Kletnicki's fault and was more thanks to "el Tecla"'s great shot.

The best players of the game were without a doubt Ernesto Farias and Federico Lussenhoff. Farias, as mentioned earlier, scored two goals and is River's top goal scorer of the season (7 goals in 13 matches) despite not playing for a long time due to injuries. Lussenhoff, meanwhile, wasn't expected to play but did so because of Tuzzio's slow evolution from his injury. The defender stopped everything and had a fantastic night. No wonder Daniel Passarella has been requesting another loan! Other than those two, the only other ones that I liked were Juan Pablo Carrizo, who was secure like always, and Augusto Fernandez, who didn't shine too much, but did show interesting things.

Next week, the team must face Godoy Cruz, who will be looking for a win to avoid relegation.

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