Thursday, May 31, 2007

Assorted News

Plenty of news has been going around lately. From players leaving, to the coach leaving, many rumours have been said.

To start off, Daniel Passarella received a spectacular offer from Besiktas, a European club. The Turkish team was offering "el Kaiser" a 2 year contract worth $3,500,000 euros! It was truly a surprise, since they are one of the biggest teams from Turkey and Passarella is going through a rough moment. Despite the juicy offer, Daniel decided to turn it down and try his luck in River. He has promised to leave in Decemeber if he doesn't win anything this coming semester. He made the same promise in January, based on the current semester. Will he keep his promise this time?

As for players, our coach has decided that he is tired of playing without a playmaker and has mentioned that the club will once again have a #10. Who it will be, nobody knows, but there are some possible reinforcements for the position:

- Federico Insua: The ex-Independiente and Boca Juniors player will probably be transfered since his club, Borussia Möchengladbach, were recently relegated to the German Second Division. His past in Boca may make it hard for him to join us. Either way, some teams from the Bundesliga are interested in him, so his possibilities of being incorporated are low.
- Leandro Romagnoli: The ex-San Lorenzo player is another possibility. His wife did not want to return to Argentina in January when he was linked to San Lorenzo, so who knows if she will want to now.
- Leandro Gracian: The ex-Velez player is currently playing for Monterrey of Mexico and was close to joining Boca Juniors in January. He has some nice possibilities of joining the team since he isn't in a great situation in Mexico at the moment. Plus, Monterrey is interested in Ernesto Farias.

Even though I like Romagnoli and especially Gracian, at the same time I do not want them to join us since I would love to see more of Sebastian Sciorilli and Marcelo Burzac (two youngsters who play in that position). On his debut vs. Belgrano, Sciorilli did great and even threw in a few "rabonas" and other tricks. If you think about it, if we would have brought in a playmaker from a different club in the past, players such as Pablo Aimar and Andres D'Alessandro might have not even debuted in River! If it were up to me, the playmaker I would want is Daniel Montenegro. He is a great player and has proven it more than once with la banda on his chest. Other than that, I would like to see the youngsters get a shot.

Regarding players leaving the club, Fernando Belluschi is still linked to Steaua of Romania. River wants $18,000,000 dollars for him. Meanwhile, Rubens Sambueza has high chances of joining Pumas of Mexico on loan in exchange for $100,000. Daniel Passarella has requested that Victor Zapata stay, but he may still leave. If the two left-wingers leave, River will be left with very few options in that position. Therefore, the directives are interested in bringing in Sebastian Romero, an Argentine who plays for Panathinaikos of Greece.

A few defenders may also leave: Nelson Rivas, who is on loan with us, is wanted by German side Hertha Berlin. Danilo Gerlo, another central defender, is wanted by teams from Switzerland, Israel, and Austria.


LeonPL said...

what about Carizzo? Problem solved?

Locoxriver said...

Maybe. The dirigentes are looking to sell other players (Belluschi, Ruben, Farias, Gerlo, etc.) to bring in the necessary yearly incomes and therefore keep Carrizo for another 6 months. For now, it seems very possible, due to the numerous offers we are receiving. Not only that, but Carrizo still does not have his European Passport.

In other news, Sambueza's loan to Pumas of Mexico has been confirmed. River will receive $100,000 dollars for it, while the Mexicans will have an option to buy him at the end of the loan for $1,000,000.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on posting comments, and feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. ;)

pam said...

is Gracian going to play in River? isn't he a Bosta Juniors' fan?