Tuesday, April 3, 2007

River Tactics: An Alternative

I have been analyzing what River's problem was, and, in my opinion, it's that we don't have midfielders who add enough offensive power and give the ball to the fowards. If you noticed, we attacked a bit more when Augusto Fernandez played instead of Ahumada vs. Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito last week.

This is a team I came up with that I think may attack a lot better than our current one:

Augusto Fernandez;

We need a playmaker, and I think A. Fernandez can get the job done. Plus, that used to be his original position. He may be substituted by Ortega, once he is fully fit and ready to play.

I put Rosales more back, and put him as our right midfielder instead of as a foward. He is not a goal scorer, something River needs. I also think he has nice jukes and nice centers, and that is what we are in need of in our midfield.

As left midfielder, since I hate Zapata and Sambueza is injured, I put Galvan. This is the position he played in many times with Estudiantes, where he did great and was an important part of their 2006 Apertura Championship.

Since Farias has not been playing too well lately, I put the Falcao-Ruben duo up front. Falcao is returning from his injury, and he adds speed to our attacks. Plus, if he's on fire, he can have a nice scoring spree. Meanwhile, Ruben is a goaleador, something we need, and I see a good future ahead of him.

Belluschi, who hasn't played one good game this season, would be on the bench. This might motivate him to play better when he gets a chance. He could replace either Galvan on the left or Rosales on the right.


On a side note, Colo Colo beat LDU at home by a margin of 4-0. If River wins on Thursday, we will be second in the group, 1 point behind the Chileans, 2 ahead of Caracas, and 3 ahead of Liga. The group will look like this:

1) Colo Colo: 9
2) River Plate: 8
3) Caracas: 6
4) LDU Quito: 5

It's also scary at the same time though, because Colo Colo have won their last 3 matches, 2 of which they won by 4-0. They will be our next rivals in the Copa, and will most definitely be a hard rival. Damn man, why didn't we get the job done vs. LDU? We deserved to win, and if we did, we would have a total of 10 points with a win on Thursday. We would automatically have been through to the next round, regardless of the score vs. Colo Colo.

Oh well, Vamos River

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