Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Carrizo, Belluschi, and Farias: Last Season in River?

It seems as if it's time to say goodbye to Juan Pablo Carrizo, Fernando Belluschi, and Ernesto Farias. And no, this is no April Fool's Day joke. Unfortunately, it's the truth. Here's the latest on the three River players -

Juan Pablo Carrizo: Milan still wants him, and now a mysterious English club wants to take the young goalkeeper: they say it's West Ham, Carlos Tevez's team.

Fernando Belluschi: Atletico Madrid still wants him, and now Napoli of Italy have added themselves to the list of clubs interested in the ex-Newell's player. In Italy they claim that when Aurelio de Laurentis, owner of the club, wants a player, he brings him. In Diego Maradona's ex-club, they assure that they will buy him if they manage to ascend to the Serie A.

Ernesto Farías: People close to the foward have said that his era in Núñez is close to coming to an end. He's been at the club for almost two and a half years now, and yet is still championship-less and with negative results that drop his market value and willingness to stay.

Although none of their transfers have been confirmed, everyone knows that at least Carrizo and Belluschi are expected to depart from Nuñez in June. Even though Belluschi isn't going through a good moment (although he has been improving a bit lately), I wouldn't want him to leave. As for Carrizo, I'd hate to see him leave even more. In previous years, I didn't feel this nervousness when a goalkeeper left the goal in the role of another player. When Bonano left, Costanzo stepped up. When Costanzo left, Lux got the spot. When Lux was separated, Carrizo was given the role. Now who? Ojeda? I don't think he is a bad goalkeeper, but is he good enough to play the finals of the Copa Libertadores vs. Boca. For now, I don't think he is, but I guess only time will tell.

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