Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boca - River: The Preview

The Argentine Superclasico, River Plate vs. Boca Juniors, will be played this Sunday for the 10th Fecha of the 2007 Torneo Clausura. What can I say? It's an extremely important match, in which the players put their all (most of the time) and the fans create an amazing atmosphere.

We need a win for several reasons:
1) A Superclasico is always a "must win" situation. There is NEVER an exception, no matter what the cost is.
2) To give the players and fans some confidence in the team.
3) If we win this match (as well as our suspended match with Colon), we will have the same amount of points as Boca (21) -current league leaders- and will once again be in the run for the tournament.

Ernesto Farias and Radamel Falcao Garcia, two of our top-goalscorers, are currently injured and will be missing the match. Farias was injured in the few minutes he played vs. Belgrano last week, and Falcao is yet to fully recover from the injury he suffered a month ago. Since neither them nor Ortega will be ready for the match, Passarella decided to give Sciorilli and Rios a chance: the two youngsters will be integrating the bench since Ruben and Rosales are our only fowards that are currently available.

The 11 men Daniel Passarella is expected to field this weekend:

Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari-Eduardo Tuzzio-Cristian Nasuti-Federico Dominguez;
A. Fernandez-Leonardo Ponzio-Oscar Ahumada-Fernando Belluschi;
Mauro Rosales-Marco Ruben;

The decision to include Fede Dominguez and exclude both Nelson Rivas and Federico Lussenhoff from the starting line-up has sparked up a small controversy. Many are saying that we need a leader like Lussenhoff in the back, and that Tuzzio should be moved to the left side to control Palacio, just like he did in the Torneo de Verano. Some say Dominguez played well vs. Belgrano and could add flare to the attack. What do I think? I think we are being a bit risky. Palacio isn't someone who is easy to control, and I do not know if Fede is capable of doing so. Meanwhile, Ferrari doesn't defend very well either, so it's like we're playing with two defenders (reminds me of a game I didn't want to be reminded of). Anyway, Ahumada will be in the midfield to control Riquelme, along with Ponzio.

The team Boca plans on putting is as follows:

Hugo Ibarra-Daniel Díaz-Morel Rodríguez-Clemente Rodríguez;
Pablo Ledesma-Ever Banega-Neri Cardozo;
Juan Roman Riquelme;
Rodrigo Palacio-Martin Palermo

This seems to be a very dangerous side. Not only have they won their last 5 games in the league, but their players have been doing quite well lately. Palermo alone has 8 goals, more than our 11 players that will be playing combined (6). Palacio is always dangerous, and has been improving since he recuperated from his injury. In fact, last week he scored two goals vs. Velez. Other players to look out for are Neri Cardozo, who has been having a great season and has scored several goals already, and Ever Banega, the young #5 who took Gago's place and has been shining ever since.

The statistics slightly favor Boca, who have a total of 65 wins in the derby compared to River's 60. This event has ended in a tie 54 times. Hopefully we get a win on Sunday and get even closer in the Historical Record as well as in the Championship.

DO NOT miss this match. The game will be shown live on Fox Sports en Espanol, Fox Soccer Channel, and Fox Sports World Canada at 12:00 PM Pacific/3:00 PM Eastern Time.

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LeonPL said...

damn, I still hope that we can get something out of this game, but we are not playing well. belluschi is far from his normal form, forwards are being outmuscled every time they receive the ball. fernandez and carizzo are playing well