Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boca Juniors: 1 - River Plate: 1 - Torneo Clausura 2007

River Plate and Boca Juniors tied today in what was the 180th edition of the Superclasico in Argentine tournaments. Boca started off winning quickly (before the first minute was even completed) thanks to Pablo Ledesma, who scored after some nice passes coming from Boca's side and some horrible defending coming from River. Despite not playing amazing football, Boca was much better than River in the first half, due to River's constant defensive errors and few offensive opportunities.

In the second half, Los Millonarios went out looking for the tie. Mauro Rosales, one of our incorporations for this semester, managed to put the ball inside the net after 5 minutes had passed. After that, we had several opportunities that were close to ending up as goals (two shots by Ruben, one by Belluschi, etc.). This doesn't necessarily mean we recuperated our past level. Sure, we improved our performance by A LOT compared to what we showed in the first half, but it still wasn't up to River's standards.

The Player Review:

Juan Pablo Carrizo: He continues proving why he's considered such a great goalkeeper. Today, he saved our team singlehandedly in the first half. He had several important saves, and if anybody else would have been in charge of our goal, I'm sure we would have received several goals. He has to be Argentina's goalkeeper for the Copa America.

Paulo Ferrari: Paulo looked completely lost out there today. His offensive level was equivalent or less than zero, and his defending was horrendous. It was a piece of cake for Boca's fowards and midfielders to get past him, and his prescense was only noticeable when he committed mistakes.

Federico Dominguez: He didn't have that bad of a game, but didn't have a good one either. In my last post I had stated that I was worried about our defense, and today's game proved exactly why I was frightened. You can't play two defenders who don't help in the back: it's either him or Ferrari. Passarella did something similar vs. Caracas (except that he put Villagra instead of Dominguez), and we all know what the outcome was.

Cristian Nasuti: Started off bad, just like our whole defense. They would leave open spaces towards the middle, on the sides, in the front: everywhere. In the second half he improved, and recuperated the ball many times.

Eduardo Tuzzio: Pretty much the same story as "el Colorado".

Fernando Belluschi: He's still not raising his level. I had gotten a little bit of faith last week, after I saw him play a few minutes vs. Belgrano, but his level of play was quite low once again today. In the second half he had a chance to give River the win, but missed it. Other than that, not much to say about Belluschi's match.

Mauro Rosales: The foward scored River's only goal. He has been doing pretty well since he arrived, but he still didn't look completely fit. Once he gets more playing time, though, I think he will be a very important figure for this team (at least if he continues playing like this).

Marco Ruben: I really liked what I saw from the ex-Rosario Central player today. He created a few good chances, and was unlucky not to score when the match was about to come to an end. I had said in the past that he could have a bright future ahead of him, and playing like this, and I don't see why not.

This tie extends Boca's period without being able to beat River to two years. It's not all good news, though: this also extends River's period without winning a match to one month (3 ties and 2 losses).

Note: Click the words in red to view the goals.


GolesTV said...

Goals of match

LeonPL said...

there was a moment, when tuzzio,on his knees, headed the ball clear, just ahead of boca's player legs. it's nice to see such bravery.
I think that Ruben hasn't play that well. sure, he is fast, and have some off the ball skills, but he'll have to improve his finishing.

Locoxriver said...

Perhaps, but you have to remember that Ruben is still only 20. Plus, he doesn't have anyone who gives him the ball to create SEVERAL opportunities. In Rosario Central he made a lot of goals, and that wasn't a coincidence.

Like I was saying, we need someone to assist him and our other fowards. Just look at our top goalscorers in the league, after 10 matches played: Farias and Falcao -2 goals each-. That is pathetic, we can't have a team who scores so little goals. Even Goleadores from the past, such as Crespo or Cavenaghi, would have a hard time scoring with this team.

Locoxriver said...

Ah, I also forgot to mention that he (Marco Ruben) gave Rosales the assist in River's only goal vs. Boca. ;)