Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Assorted Superclasico News

The Superclasico match (Boca vs. River) won't be played till Sunday, but there is already news.

To start off, Ernesto Farias was injured vs. Belgrano de Cordoba, last weekend, and will be out for 3 to 4 weeks. This, obviously, means that he will be forced to miss the Superclasico. Despite not playing very well lately, he has always been important in these games and scored in the last two matches vs. Boca (in the 1-1 in the Bombonera and the 3-1 in the Monumental). Falcao is also injured, so River will be missing two very important players on Sunday.

In other news, tickets for River fans were sold today. For the first time in history, they had to order them by phone, and many felt as if they were fooled and left without a ticket (a total of 13,000 people called in). Either way, the ones who should get all the blame are Mauricio Macri, President of Boca Juniors, and Jose Maria Aguilar, President of River Plate. Why Macri? Because every year he gives our fans less space in the Bombonera. Before, we used to have two "bandejas" (sections), and even that wasn't enough. Then, Macri decided to give us 5,000 tickets, then 4,000, then 3,500, and now... only 2,500!! The next time we face them, we will end up getting 20 spots! I'm not affected, since I live in the USA, but if I were in Argentina I would be extremely pissed to miss this game. As for Aguilar, it's his fault for not paying Macri back with some of his own medicine. We, like dumbasses, would always give them more (sometimes double) the amount of tickets they gave us. We finally gave them the same number last time around, yet they had 8,000 people in the Monumental. I don't like this stuff. Part of the culture and fun of the Superclasico is the spectacle the fans put and the songs they direct at each other. This is what makes it so different and so much better than other Derbies worldwide. Yet Macri fails to realize this.

Mauricio, do us a favor and don't kill the football (soccer) culture!

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