Thursday, March 8, 2007

River Plate: 0 - Caracas FC: 1 - Copa Libertadores 2007

This picture says it all. River played really bad tonight, and lost to Caracas by a score of 1-0 in the Monumental. Despite not playing well, we reached their goal several times and deserved the tie, if not the win..

Player Review -

Marco Ruben: Just like vs. Argentinos, the ex-Rosario Central foward was our best player.. He was unlucky to not score: he did a nice bicycle kick and hit the post in another.

Victor Zapata: *Sigh*. What can I say? He played like shit vs. Argentinos, played like shit today.. He'll continue playing like shit.. Disappeared 98% of the game, and when he got the ball, he did bad like always.. Zapata, do us all a favor and do not sign a new contract!

Danilo Gerlo:
The third game in a row in which his presence was unnoticed, except in the cases in which he messed up.. Sorry Paco, but it's time for Lussenhoff to return..

Oscar Ahumada: Another lost soul on the field..

Eduardo Tuzzio: In the last two games he looked like the Tuzzio we saw vs. Boca in the verano, when he played his first game on the left side. He didn't defend well, gave bad passes.. It's unfortunate, it looked like he was adapting to that position. Hopefully he improves his level.

Rubens Sambueza: Didn't play enough time to really be able to rate him. I can't say he did great, but I don't think he did bad. One thing is for sure: he did better than Zapata in every aspect.

River lost an important game, and are now 3rd in the group. Caracas, who beat Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito in their first match, has six points. LDU, River's next rival in the Copa Libertadores, has the same amount of points as us but is leading in goal difference.

Now we must concentrate on Sunday's match vs. Arsenal, the leaders of the Torneo Clausura.

*Note: Click on the player names highlighted in red (before the player review) to view the goals.

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