Thursday, March 29, 2007

River: 0 - LDU Quito: 0 - Copa Libertadores 2007

How River did not get the 3 points is beyond me. Not because LDU is a bad team (they actually are a very good team), but because we completely dominated and could have won be a margin of 2, 3, or even 4 goals today. River created the chances and player well, very well, but was not able to score. Liga, meanwhile, only managed to create one serious chance. This has put us in an uncomfortable position: if Colo Colo wins tomorrow vs. Caracas in Santiago, we will be left in 4th place. With a Colo Colo win, the group would be left as follows with two games left:

1) Colo Colo: 6
2) Caracas: 6
3) LDU: 5 (+1 Goal Difference)
4) River: 5 (0 Goal Difference)

This is not good at all.

The Player Review -

Augusto Fernandez: I've been warning people about this guy for the longest time. Now, we were all able to see what I've been talking about. In the first half, I think he was the second best -behind Rosales-, but overall, I think he was our best player of the night. Fast, nice shots, good passes: he had it all. It's good to see him play, and do well while doing so. We needed him, since neither Ahumada nor Galvan were responding, and I think he's one of the reasons why we improved so much today.

Mauro Rosales: Great game for Mauro. The ex-Ajax player was River's best player in the first half, and one of the best of the game. To top it off, he did two nice "canos" in the first half.

Fernando Belluschi:
Despite still not reaching his potential and matching his level from last semester, he played better than in the last few games. He had a slight improvement, and I think this was due to having other players such as Rosales and Augusto to create plays and add offensive power. He needs some partners up there, so hopefully he'll keep on getting better once Ortega returns.

Ariel Ortega: El Burrito played the last 10 minutes due to the fans requesting him time after time. Those ten minutes proved what Passarella's been saying all week: Ortega is not ready to play yet. He was slow, slipped when trying to juke defenders, and didn't have a good shot. He had one really clear chance, in which LDU's goalkeeper came out and he was left with the ball, but he shot really bad. He slowed down the tempo a bit, and minimized our chances of winning. I don't want to be too harsh on Ortega, he's a legend, but he is just not ready to play.

Victor Zapata: He didn't have thaaat bad of a game (pretty good for Zapata's standards), but he did mess up a few times and was one of the worse players we had. *Sorry, but a review is just not a review without me hating Zapata.* :D

Paulo Ferrari: Ran a lot and played good. Another good game for Paulo, one of our best and most "regular" players this season.

Ernesto Farias: It just wasn't his day. In my opinion, River's worst player. He didn't have too many clear chances, but when he did, he didn't know how to define or when to juke.

I cannot believe River didn't take the three points. The final result (0-0) is a lieing score, River deserved more than that. We now must win vs. Caracas next week, especially having a one week break since we are not playing this weekend for the Torneo Clausura. Hopefully Colo Colo doesn't win tomorrow, it would make it a looooot easier on us.

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