Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quilmes - River: The Preview

We will be facing Quilmes tomorrow, for the 6th Fecha of the Torneo Clausura 2007. We will most probably be fielding the following team:

Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari - Eduardo Tuzzio - Lussenhoff/Rivas - Cristian Villagra;
Fernando Belluschi - Ahumada - Leonardo Ponzio - Zapata/Galván;
Marco Ruben - Ernesto Farías.

Two players who can add offensive power to the team will be on the bench. Those two players, who are yet to make their debut in an official game for River this season, are Mauro Rosales and Ariel Ortega. Ojeda, Augusto Fernandez, Rene Lima, and Rubens Sambueza will be joining them on the bench

This will be the first time Gerlo isn't a starter for River in the Torneo Clausura. He had played in all 5 games so far, but wasn't impressing lately. Meanwhile, Rivas, another player who has played in every match in this tournament, also has high chances of being on the bench. "El Colorado" Lussenhoff played an excellent match in Quito last Thursday, and has re-gained himself a spot in the starting line-up. The only way the Colombian will play is if Lussenhoff isn't 100% fit on Sunday. If I were Passarella, though, I wouldn't take out either one. Instead, I would put Villagra on the bench and defend with Ferrari, Rivas, Lussenhoff, and Tuzzio.

As for our rivals, Quilmes is coming from a bad streak. They had a horrible tournament last season, and this year they aren't doing so well. They have 4 points, having tied with Gimnasia (LP) and won vs. Nueva Chicago. The other 3 matches ended in favor of the opposing team.

The match will be shown live on TyC Sports USA at 2:15 PM Pacific Time / 5:15 PM Eastern Time.

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