Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quilmes: 0 - River: 1 - Torneo Clausura 2007

It was a tough match.. River wasn't playing good, and it seemed as if it were all over. You could look at the scoreboard and it would read as follows: 0-0 / 47:40 Minutes. But Ortega, on his official return since his alcoholic problems, managed to enter with 20 minutes left in the game and score in the last minute of the game to give us the three points vs. Quilmes. The goal itself was controversial, having hit "el Burrito"'s arm after a header, but Gimenez allowed it. I myself didn't notice this until after the replay, and would have counted it it as well if I were in his position. Either way, it wasn't a direct hand ball - a la Maradona -, it hit his arm after a header and he claims it was not intentional.

Player Review -

Juan Pablo Carrizo: Important player for River. It's not like he stopped us from a tremendous loss, but he did have some important saves. He continues showing why Milan of Italy offered $8,000,000 dollars for him recently.

Cristian Villagra: The ex-Rosario Central player showed an improvement compared to his poor performance in his first three matches. He still isn't defending too well, but he did some interesting things while attacking. Since neither Zapata or Sambueza are responding, should we try "Kity" as a left-midfielder?

Victor Zapata: Yeah, yeah, I know he didn't play, but did anyone else notice that the only two games he started this season we lost? (vs. Argentinos Jrs. and Caracas)

Fernando Belluschi: He kept on trying to do things right, but things just aren't working out for him this season. He's already played 10 games this season, and hasn't had one good one. Can we expect his level to improve anytime soon?

Ariel Ortega: Burrriiiiitttooo!! Burrriiiiitttooo!! Just like vs. San Lorenzo last season, he sent tears down many River fans' faces. What a way to return! Not only did he score, but if it weren't for him, we would have lost 2 points against a weak team and would have gotten farther away from the league leaders (San Lorenzo). Aguante Ortega! We are all with you..

Ernesto Farias: Missed two "not so hard" chances, one of them being extremely easy. This wasn't the same Tecla we had seen lately. Either way, I wouldn't criticize him too much base on one match.. He's been doing great this season and we have to cheer him on.

Mauro Rosales: Due to Marco Ruben having some problem, "Speedy" Rosales was able to make his debut with River's jersey and played from the start. He didn't play bad, but wasn't great either. We need someone to support attack in the midfield, and Rosales can do just that. He's fast and gives nice centers, might be a good option for the right side of our midfield.

The Fans: Great way to receive the team. View the video here.

This week we don't play in the Copa Libertadores, so the players will finally get some good rest. They didn't play a good game today, and this might have been due to have played 5 games in the last 14 days. It's not easy to play in the altitude of Quito and then play another match three days later.

We will be facing Gimnasia (Jujuy) next week in Velez's stadium, due to the suspension of the Monumental. This will be the last match River will play as the home side in Liniers.

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lex said...

Hurray for Ortega! I couldn't be happier to see that he scored (and won the match) immediately upon his return to River, and to see the wild enthusiasm of team-mates and fans. (About the whole "arm" thing - well, who cares? From what I could see, the impetus of the shot clearly came from the header, and the ball just rolled down his arm. Granted, this was technically a hand ball, but my point is that it wasn't the hand contact that made the goal.) We love you, Ortegita - El Burrito: always. Aburrido: never. The good ones are never easy.