Tuesday, March 6, 2007

El Burrito is Back!!

After celebrating his 33rd birthday on Sunday night, Ortega received the good news: he is once again part of the team, after recovering from his alcohol problem for 45 days. Ariel trained yesterday (Monday) for the first time since January. We are all awaiting "El Burrito" with our arms wideopen!

In other news, Falcao got injured... again. This time he won't be out for 6 months, but for 3 weeks instead. It seems as if he can't play one month without getting injured! The good part about this "bad news" is that Ruben will probably recieve the minutes he deserves. With Farias not being 100% healthy at the time, this also means Andres Rios (a 17 year old youngster who made his debut vs. Argentinos) might receive a few opportunities. We must remember that thanks to all the fowards being unfit in 2005, Falcao was discovered. Hopefully Rios shows his potential and becomes a key player for the future.

We also have the option to play Rosales, who will arrive tomorrow, or Ortega, but neither are completely ready, since they both haven't played since January.


LeonPL said...

I still remember last season's game against san lorenzo and Ariel's magnificent goal.

river_sentimiento said...

i got a question, can rosales play in the Libertadores? I'm not sure how the rules work?

Locoxriver said...

Yes, river_sentimiento, he can. River inscribed him in the list of players for the Copa Libertadores, so he should be able to play unless something strange occurs.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.