Sunday, February 25, 2007

River Plate: 4 - Racing Club: 2 - Torneo Clausura 2007

Good win by River.. We won 4-2, vs. Racing, a tough rival. We started off winning with a goal by Falcao, but Racing tied towards the end of the first half with a header by Sosa. In the second half, Falcao -once again-, Galvan, and Zapata gave us the win. Moralez cut the difference for the away side.

The team showed a good display of football in the first half, and parts of the second half. There were times, though, in which the team didn't play good. I don't blame them for that for a few reasons:

1) It was basically the same team that played on Thursday vs. Colo Colo in Santiago.
2) They ran a lot in the first half. Not only that, but it was said to be extremely hot, so it makes sense for them to be tired at certain points.

The Player Review:
I can't really say he deserves a 5 star rating, but he most definitely was very important for River. He scored two goals (1-0 and 2-1) and opened up the game for us.

Zapata: What a suprising weekend! I never thought I'd see Palermo score a goal that was actually nice.. I almost got a heart attack after that.. And now, Zapata actually played a good game! Nice assist and nice goal. Hopefully he keeps up level, but it is sort of hard to imagine.

Galvan: He had a great first half. Ran, gave good passes, nice shots.. A different Galvan compared to the one we saw on Thursday. In the second half you could tell he was extremely tired, yet he managed to make a goal (mostly thanks to Racing's horrible defending).

Gerlo: I liked how he played vs. Boca in the Torneo de Verano, but he hasn't been impressing me lately. They went right through him, and River's defense didn't seem really strong. Not to mention that Lussenhoff was River's best defender last semester, so we might have to reconsider this position's owner.

Villagra: I don't want to be too tough on him, since this is his first official game with River's jersey, but he didn't do much. Still, he's very young (20 if I am correct), and was wanted by some big teams before joining River. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I insist that I would like to see more of Marco Ruben. It's not that I have anything against neither Falcao or Farias, but I've liked what I've seen from the ex-Central player so far. It might also do the the Fa-Fa duo good to have Ruben play, since they must be very tired after playing almost 90 minutes of the 4 matches so far.

Overall, good win for River. The team shined at points of the match, and was a pleasure to watch. We have won all 3 games played in the Argentine Clausura so far, and are leaders along with Arsenal, whom we will face in 2 weeks.
*Note: Click on the player names highlighted in red (before the player review) to view the goals.

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