Thursday, February 22, 2007

Los Borrachos del Tablon: Banned

River decided to expell 6 hooligans who got in an argument at the club vs. Lanus, which involved weapons. Now, they will make an attempt to be able to play in the Monumental once again.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Los Borrachos del Tablon, Alan and Adrian, will try to conduce the barra from the outside. At the same time, several members of past barra-bravas will try to fill in their empty space. This just looks like a path to more violence, if you ask me.. One barra, the most powerful in Argentina to be precise, without a leader.. Dear god, that just isn't good news. In fact, six groups will supposedly be fighting for power: the groups from Fuerte Apache, Merlo, Lomas, Claypole, Villa Constituyentes and el Oeste. The last group is conduced by "el Turco", a leader of the barra in the past. Many believe he will have top power soon. River's directives are also afraid of this new scenario: "They don't bring back good memories", they say. They also agree that with Alan and Adrian there weren't either drugs nor robberries in River's stands. This barra, unlike ones in the past, had eliminated drugs, robberies, and violence from River's stands. Now that "el Turco" might return to the head of River's barra, all those things might come along with him.

Another interesting thing is the power flags hold in our current day society. "What, a flag? They are just pieces of cloth, they don't mean anything." If you are thinking that, then you are most definitely wrong. The flags displaying the barrabravas name, Los Borrachos del Tablon, mean a lot. Adrian took them on Sunday night from the Monumental, their usual hideout, and they are now in a secret location. It doesn't mean that there won't be new leaders, but they do have a high significance.

The battle for the top ranks of Los Borrachos del Tablon has begun. What will the final result be? Many fear an unfavorable outcome, for both barrabravas and fans.. Personal opinions coming up in the next post.

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