Thursday, February 22, 2007

LBDT - Personal Opinions

Personal Opinions:
    • Gonzalo Rey - If River thinks that by expelling a few guys violence will disappear, they are extremely wrong. In fact, things are just going to get worse. Violence, drugs, and robberies have high chances of returning to the stands. Kicking out a few
      leaders won't do anything: there will be people who will take their place, and abuse it. You can kick out the current leaders, and the next ones, and the next ones, but there will never ever be a situation where no one wants to take the spot. There will always be a replacement, and that's not good news for anyone, especially River fans who were a lot safer with Adrian and Alan in charge of LBDT.

    • Fernando Herz - I am angry at what happened.. You took it too far, and now, no more Monumental for you guys. Despite the negociations you guys may make, I was happy with you guys. I felt "protected" away and at home. You guys had put the crowd over La 12. You guys did things intellegently, and now I don't know how you guys messed up all of a sudden. The people who spoke bad about you guys only go to the Monumental and are only hypocrites. They probably don't sing songs in away games, or don't wear their River jerseys, or just don't attend those matches. Now everyone get ready for what's coming up.. Alan, Adrian.. Thanks for these five years! And I mean it seriously, don't listen to those who critisize you. We all have our "negociations" and we try to hide it. Hopefully your differences are resolved one day, and you both return to reign Los Borrachos del Tablon together.

    • Diego Silitti - I've been going to the stadium for over 20 years, and I've never felt as safe as I have in the last 5 years. There aren't problems in the popular, you can go there calmly with your family.. You can have your cell phone out, and even go straight from work with a suit and tie and nothing will happen, something which you couldn't do in the past. In my particular case, my father stopped going to El Monumental because they robbed him twice in River. This had disappeared for good. I hope this shit doesn't return. And I respect LBDT, I think only River fans can understand them, because they were always part of the passion. Their entrance, the flags, the drums, etc. Only River fans can understand it.

    • Viviana - Thanks to "Los Borrachos del Tablon", I go to the stadium with me son extremely calm. I never ever had anything unpleasureable done to me, and I've always felt the barra's protections, both at home and on the road. The few ocassions in which a dumbass did something stupid, I saw them take him out in a minute, just so it could be a pleasurable family atmosphere.

    • Nicolas - I am against violence, but I can tell you guys that I started going to "la popular" in 1999. I had to go dressed up as a bum, take my money well hiden, and always have a peso to share, because else you would have a bad experience. Like all others, I saw an infinite amount of chain, wallet, and jersey robberies in our own stands. How can a River fan rob another River fan? In away game, the police would come and hit us, and no one would do anything about it. Later on, Adrian arrived, and many of these people started disappearing. The thieves would get kicked out and recieved an ass-whooping. And they didn't even need to do this, that wasn't their job. I also remember several times when the police would come hit us, and they instantly reacted and defended us. It was a pleasure to be able to invite friends who had never been to the stadium, and tell them that nothing will happen and it will be a huge party. It's true, lots of barras are there for the money and other things, but now what will happen? The old bitches will return, or new bitches will come, and we will have to duck, or else they will hit you and the police will just watch. Lets not be hypocritical, because we are in Argentina, and we all know this will be for the worse, but hopefully I am wrong. All I know is that, despite being something hard to say, I will have to abandon the popular and go sit in a platea.

    • Tomer Video - The problem is that security shouldn't be provided by the fans, it should be done by the police.. But what can we ask them for, they don't do anything! The truth is, I had to experience the past "popular", and that is the reason I had previously stopped visiting the Monumental. In fact, at one point you couldn't even go to the plateas. The conclusion is that everything will remain the same: with corrupt political figures (including those in football clubs). Lets just hope that the "new leaders" of Los Borrachos don't change the good things created by them.


tsikos4 said...

i am from thesaloniki-greece &big fan of RIVER PLATE.I think that LBDT are the best supporters.Can anyone give ne information about them-their history&present etc-thank you

Anonymous said...


Robbed by fellow River fans? Crazy... dress up as a bum, to go to games? Crazy stuff.