Thursday, February 22, 2007

Colo Colo: 1 - River Plate: 2 - Copa Libertadores 2007

River won their first match of the Copa Libertadores 2007 today, vs. Colo Colo, a Chilean side. Ponzio and Farias scored the goals.

It's good news for River to have gotten this tough match over with, and come home with the 3 points. Colo Colo is one of the toughest teams in the Libertadores, especially in Santiago, so we have to congratulate our guys. I would have loved more goals in our favor (which was very possible), but as long as we get the win, I am happy.

The Player Review:

Falcao was expelled unfairly. He jumped up to do a header and touched the Chilean player unintentionally.. The referee, just like in the rest of the game, did a bad call and expelled him.. This sucked for River, since we were dominating at the time, and, with one player less, we lost a lot of offensive power. River's next game will be vs. Caracas, and we will have to play without the Colombian. It is bad news, because you never want to lose a player, but it is also good at the same time since Ruben will earn the minutes he deserves. Not only that, but since we only have 2 fowards (unless Ortega returns by the time), Andres Rios will be able to make his official debut.

Farias was great today! Scored a goal, and ran like crazy. He contributed a lot to River's attacks, and I don't think we would have won without him.
Tuzzio and Ponzio, as well as Belluschi at times, were the other players who had a good game.

Ferrari showed a very poor display: didn't contribute much to the attack, and defended horribly. There were like 5 times in the first 20 minutes when Colo Colo entered River's area easily through his side.

Galvan had a bad match. Imprecise, bad passes.. nothing was working out for him. I liked the guy in the Verano though, so I would give him another shot. If he doesn't show a good level within the next few matches, I'd say give Augusto Fernandez an opportunity.

Sambueza didn't do good, but I don't think he did bad either. The ball barely ever went to him, and when he had it, he didn't mess up. Once again, I repeat, he didn't have a good game, but it wasn't like Galvan, who played a bad game.

Note: Click on the player names highlighted in red (before the player review) to view the goals.

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christian said...

Great blog!! I'll hope to post here more in the future. as River posts more wins. Vamo' Millonarios!!!!

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