Friday, February 23, 2007

Barros Schelotto a River fan?!?!?

Wow.. I would have never expected this!!! For those who don't speak Spanish or can't see the image clearly, it's a picture taken from an Argentine newspaper of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. This is from the time when he still was in Gimnasia (LP), and was barely debuting in the Primera Division. They asked him a few questions, and there were some suprises:

- Which team he would like to play for in Argentina: River Plate.
- Idol: Norberto Alonso :D

Of course this happens from time to time, such as the case of Passarella, but I was just completely shocked to see that Guillermo liked River.. How could someone who dreamed of one day playing for River all of a sudden detest Los Millonarios so much? If I were to become a fan of another club, I am still sure I would never be able to completely stop loving CARP, and most definitely wouldn't hate them.
Thank God he wasn't able to achieve his dreams though.. Imagine having to stand his crying, cheating, diving, protesting, biggest son of a bitch face and attidude everyday.. Dear God! I don't even want to imagine.. :)


minifidel said...

Scary thought indeed if Barros Schelotto had come to River, luckily it never happened. He's never been one of my favorite players and he's a whiny bastard to boot.

Publius said...

ya too bad, oh well, guess he was better off winning those 15 titles with Boca Juniors